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Serves 68


1kg chicken fil­lets, cut into small squares
2 large onions, halved, then sliced thinly
500g Ital­ian pasta (YES, there is a dif­fer­ence)
1 Tbsp Rober­stons Ital­ian herbs
2 tsp Robert­sons sweet basil
2 heaped Tbsp crushed gar­lic
1 cup dry white wine
300ml chicken stock (2 cubes)
250g coarsely grated ched­dar cheese
100g parme­san cheese
2 cans Ital­ian WHOLE toma­toes, in sauce.
2 pkts Knorr creamy cheese sauce (400ml)
1 Tbsp freshly ground black pep­per
2 tsp Aro­mat
1 can mush­rooms & stems (1 Pun­net fresh mush­rooms is bet­ter & cheaper)
1 large green pep­per, chopped
(1 Eis­bein – See “vari­a­tion” at the end)

This is another mouth water­ing pot made by my good friend Kurt, wich is a huge out­door cook enthusiast.

1) Quick fry the chicken pieces in some HOT oil, for 3 mins.
2) Add the onions, herbs, pep­per, aro­mat & gar­lic. Fry for 5mins.
3) Add the wine, sim­mer for 20mins, medium heat.
4) Add the stock, sim­mer for 30mins, medium heat.
5) Add the mush­rooms, & green pep­per. Sim­mer for 10mins.
6) Pour out the bag of pasta on top, & leave sim­mer­ing for about 15min. Don’t stir the pasta into the pot, it must steam on top.
7) Keep check­ing the pasta till it just begins to soften.
8) Add the cheese sauce all over the pasta, sep­a­rat­ing the con­tents of the pot slightly with a wooden spat­ula, in a few places to enable the sauce to pen­e­trate to the bot­tom.
9) Cook till most of the pasta is soft.
10) Chop up the toma­toes in a bowl(Use a scis­sors), and pour evenly over the pasta. (Includ­ing all the sauces from the tomato cans).
11) Add a sprin­kling of Ital­ian herbs & ore­ganum if u like (I did).
12) Cover the toma­toes with the ched­dar.
13) Sprin­kle the parme­san over the ched­dar.
14) Remove 90% of the heat from under the pot.
15) Close the lid, place coals all over the lid to enable the lid to heat up, melt the cheeses, and cook the remain­ing pasta from the top.
16) Check after about 15-​30mins. You want the cheese to be only SLIGHTLY scorched for best flavour.

NOTE: Due to the amount of starch/​thickeners (Onions, cheese sauce, cheese, pasta etc), be VERY care­ful that the pot doesn’t burn. Check reg­u­larly by prob­ing with a wooden spat­ula down to the bot­tom. If it starts stick­ing just add a lit­tle water to keep it steam­ing SLOWLY. Slow is ALWAYS bet­ter here!

Vari­a­tion for BEST flavour: Pre-​cook the eis­bein THOR­OUGHLY, prob­a­bly 2-​3hrs, in a lit­tle water, or stock, till it starts falling apart. (Save the liq­uid!!)
Remove the fat and the bone.

Shred the meat and add it, with the eis­bein liq­uid, to the pot at stage (2) to give a per­fect smoky bacon fla­vor to the over­all effect

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