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1.5kg Lamb (Cut up some boud chops mixed with some knuck­les)
3 Large onions roughly chopped
0.5kg small baby pota­toes
1 pun­net but­ton mush­rooms, halved
Half of a large but­ter­nut, cut into large chunks
4 cel­ery stalks, chopped into 10mm pieces
20 green beans, cut in halves
1 large green pep­per, thickly sliced
3 Tbspns crushed gar­lic (Com­mer­cial vari­ety is fine)
1 packet mut­ton & veg­etable soup, mixed with 400ml water.
1 Tbspn dried sweet basil
1 Tbspn dried Ital­ian herbs
1 Tbspn ground black pep­per
1 Can All-​Gold “Mex­i­can chopped toma­toes”
Min­i­mal salt (Use a few shakes from Marina Gar­lic Braai Salt & keep tast­ing)
A glass & a half of dry red wine (Obikwa Shi­raz works like a charm)
No.3 potjie pot


Sim­ply cook this potjie in 3 stages (NEVER add water!!)
1) Brown the meat well in a lit­tle oil, then lower the heat(Remove most of the coals from under the pot), add the onions and mix them with the meat. Add a few shakes of gar­lic salt. Add the mush­rooms and cel­ery in a layer on top of the meat. Add the wine. Close the lid. Check after about 30mins (Very low heat), lots of liq­uid will be present and the pot should be steadily sim­mer­ing. DON’T STIR.

2) Add the pota­toes, green pep­pers, can of toma­toes, the basil, gar­lic, pep­per and herbs. Level it all out into the next “layer”. Close the lid. Check after about 30mins(Very low heat, still sim­mer­ing) and test that the pota­toes are get­ting semi-​soft. Test for final sea­son­ing here, and adjust. DON’T STIR.

3) Add the but­ter­nut and green beans as the top “layer”, and close the lid. Check after about 20mins(Low heat), for the but­ter­nut to be HALF done, NOT cooked through. Remem­ber to save about 8 mins for the soup to cook prop­erly, with­out turn­ing the but­ter­nut into sludge! Add the soup mix, and gen­tly part the con­tents of the pot to allow the soup mix to pen­e­trate. Close the lid, low heat for about 8mins. Test often if you have to, just make sure the but­ter­nut remains firm, but cooked.
Remove from the fire, gen­tly stir once or twice (MAX) from the bot­tom up to mix the ingre­di­ents, and allow to rest for 20mins.


If there is too much liq­uid for your lik­ing after stage 1, sim­ply leave the lid on one side and boil off some liq­uid till you feel com­fort­able (I did). At this stage the con­tents can still take quite a bit of pun­ish­ment, and it will be a mess to try boil off liq­uid at a later stage. Try not to “ladel” out the liq­uid as a short­cut – rea­son is that boil­ing only removes the WATER, ladelling removes all the fla­vors and nutri­ents as well.
If the sauce is too thick at the end, add some BOIL­ING water and thin it out a bit with a GEN­TLE stir.

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