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Wreck of the Kakapo

This must be one of the most amaz­ingly scenic and beau­ti­ful hikes we have com­pleted in a long time. Not only is the hike right in our home town, it includes some of the great­est view­points to admire our penin­sula from. What can be more over­whelm­ing
than stand­ing on top of Chapman’s Peak on a clear crisp Spring day! Breath­tak­ing vis­tas of Hout Bay and Noord­hoek Beach, makes for some cher­ished moments and pho­tos. Will I do this hike again? – for sure but there are some things to take note of beforehand.

The logis­tics involved inor­gan­is­ing the vechiles for

this lin­ear hike is quite chal­leng­ing, to say the least. If one could leave your car safely at either end of the hike ‚then this will not be a prob­lem, but we were strongly advised not to leave any vechile at the park­ing area at the top of Red Hill due to van­dal­ism. It is a great pity as this would make the logis­tics of this hike so much easier.

For­tu­nately for us we have friends that live in Noord­hoek and they were pre­pared to pick us up at Red Hill and give us a lift back to Sil­ver­mine, where we could safely park our vechile overnight.


This is a “slack­packer” hike, mean­ing that some­one picks up and drops your bag of at the overnight stops, and once again we could “phone a friend”. Unfor­tu­nately SAN­Parks does not offer this ser­vice any­more, but tourists do not have to fret, there are a few web sites on the inter­net that will offer you this ser­vice.

We have walked part of the Hoerik­waggo Trail before, and we quickly found out that one has to have a good map of the trail. At the time we took it for granted that the path will be well marked, but this is not the case. We vowed never to get lost in our “back­yard” again and imme­di­ately bought a set of Slingsby maps, which is rec­om­mended by SAN­Parks and is prob­a­bly the most up to date hik­ing map of Table Mountain.


We decided to do the hike start­ing from Sil­ver­mine, head­ing towards Kom­metjie, as this day is between 18 and 21km long, depend­ing which web­site or mag­a­zine you read. This makes your hike mostly down­hill, and even walk­ing down­hill most of the day it still took us seven hours to com­plete, with very lit­tle stop­ping. We shud­der to think what it must be like to walk from Kom­metjie to Sil­ver­mine with a full back­pack. We will rather leave that to the younger, hard core hikers.

Overnight at the tented camp (next to the Slankop Light­house) is worth every bit of the long walk to get there. The six two man tents are neatly tucked in a milk­wood for­est and the large Boma was per­fect with a braai area and equipped kitchen. Also note that the tent has to booked for two. The sun­set we expe­ri­enced on the deck was incred­i­ble and we all had a field day with our sun down­ers and cameras.


On the morn­ing of our sec­ond day we were greeted with rain. For­tu­nately we were pre­pared for this, but what a con­trast this was to the pre­vi­ous days pic­ture per­fect spring weather. The ele­ments on the Cape Penin­sula can turn sur­pris­ingly quickly (see video clip), so it is advis­able to always be geared up with at least a windbreaker/​raincoat and the other essen­tials in your day-​pack.

Unfor­tu­nately , once again we could not find the proper path, even with our new maps. We ended up walk­ing through Ocean View squat­ter camp, and with hind­sight we found out that this was not such a good idea, as this has been quite a hot spot for crime lately. We have the 3rd edi­tion 2010 maps, but he cor­rect path that cir­cum­vents Ocean View alto­gether is not shown on the map. This will hope­fully be added in the next edi­tion of the Slingsby maps. We still think that these charts is a great pur­chase, and we have dis­cov­ered many “new paths” whilst walk­ing with these maps.

Look­ing back on the Hoerik­waggo Hik­ing Trail, we just can­not make up our minds what was the actual high­light of this hike. Was it the jaw drop­ping, knock your breath away view from the sum­mit of Chap­mans Peak, the serene calm amble down Noord­hoek Beach or the beau­ti­ful tented camp­site with its orange painted sun­set, we just can­not come to an agree­ment. We sug­gest you do the Hoerik­waggo Hik­ing Trail, or part of it, and decide for yourself.

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Hoerik­waggo Hik­ing Trail, Day 3 and 2
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Tips and things to do

These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many hikes, but this is what we thought should not be forgotten

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