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Table Mountain

Plat­tek­lip gorge is a great start to many hikes on Table Moun­tain, and it is only about 20 minute walk up this well known trail, then you will take a left turn at a sign point­ing towards Dev­ils Peak. I much rather pre­fer hik­ing this slight detour than hav­ing to slog up the end­less zig zag at the “offi­cial” start of the Dev­ils Peak hike on Tafel­berg Road.

We also can never fully agree which hike is more dif­fi­cult ‚ Plat­tek­lip Gorge or Dev­ils Peak. Dev­ils Peak via Plat­tek­lip Gorge is most cer­tainly slightly longer, but in my opin­ion not as tax­ing on the body and you have much more scenic views to enjoy. If you do not enjoy the crowds that you always encounter on Plat­tek­lip, then this hike might be more for you, but I can almost say with cer­tainty that here you also will not have the moun­tain for yourself.

On your way back down from the sum­mit you also have a whole bunch of detours to choose from that will still allow you to walk a cir­cu­lar route. Pur­chase a good map of Table Moun­tain and you will be sur­prised at the num­ber of options that are avail­able to you.

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Map of hike onDevils Peak


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