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22 Water­falls, Porterville

The camp site is in the left hand corner of this photo

Decem­ber we were at twenty two water­falls for three days. I was told by one of my friends before­hand that Porter­ville gets really hot, and I will be spend­ing most of my time at one of the many water­falls. I thought, “yeah right how hot can it get , I’ve been to Namibia and the North­ern Cape, I can han­dle the heat”.

To put it very mildly,the first of the three days was prob­a­bly one of the hottest days that I have expe­ri­enced in a very long time. The next day was a mere 34C, quite man­age­able after the first days heat wave.The third day we woke up to rain. Noth­ing heavy, but it was a con­stant driz­zle the whole day. This was quite unex­pected, as there was no rain fore­casted for the Porter­ville area, but thank­fully the bush at our camp­site was quite thick over­head, and all we had was the occa­sional drop falling on us.

The water­falls are stun­ning and the pho­tos does not do it any jus­tice at all. Need­less to say you will not be dis­ap­pointed if you spend a morn­ing going “climb­ing” the falls, but be warned if you are afraid of heights this might be a lit­tle to much for you. Nowhere did any of us feel unsafe as there are sturdy lad­ders pro­vided at all the very steep sec­tions, although at one or two places you do feel quite exposed. For me the last lad­der was prob­a­bly the most dif­fi­cult to nego­ti­ate, spe­cially when com­ing back down. We had two chil­dren with us aged 12 and 15 and they really enjoyed it, not for a sec­ond show­ing any fear.

Some­thing else worth men­tion­ing is the fact that no one played any music. There is noth­ing more irri­tat­ing at a camp­site when you are exposed to this con­stant “doef” “doef” com­ing from peo­ples cars. Big thank you to 22waterfalls for not allow­ing it. All three nights that we were there every­thing was quiet by 22h30.

I always like to ask the ques­tion, “would I come back again?”, and the answer is most cer­tainly, but maybe more towards the end of summer.helga_waterfalls

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Con­tact Details
Tel no 022 931 2339 G.P.S. 32.985504,19.025783
Cell no 082 878 1358 Email
Fax 022 931 2339 Web­site
Camp Details
Near­est Town Porteville Max Per­sons Six
Dis­tance from Town 5km, 9 mins Chalets/​Cottages Yes
Map View Map Elec­tric­ity Yes
Pets Car­a­vans Yes
Shop with basics No Brochure
Tips and things to do

These tips will prob­a­bly apply to many camp sites, but this is what we thought should not be forgotten

1. Bring your moun­tain bike, there is a route with sin­gle track.
2. Bring your fish­ing rods, there are fish to catch in the dams.
3. Horse rid­ing
4. 4×4 Route
5. An 8 hour hike start­ing at the waterfalls.

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